Dedicated staffing is a service model the offers you the choice to select a team of globally certified skilled engineers who can work as your employees from remote locations over an employment contract or a sub contract. The continually growing industry is demanding more and more skilled resources to manage the IT infrastructure. At the same time, the recruitment challenges, high cost and shrinking talent pool are jeopardizing the IT services industry. Our dedicated IT staffing services enables you in getting qualified and skilled professionals to suit your business requirements. With Remote Dedicated staffing, you can concentrate on the productive and core aspects of your business whilst me manage your IT infrastructure. Our dedicated staffing services include Server Management, Server Monitoring and Application Management.


  •   Trained and globally certified talent pool which would match your business requirements.
  •   24*7*365 availability covering all holiday
  •   Significant cost effectiveness.
  •   Direct contact with your dedicated staff wherein you can directly assign work to them.
  •   Reduction in IT staff attrition.
  •   Security and Reserved Copyrights- Since all the intellectual copyrights of the work done would remain with you.
  •   Relieve your business processes from constant downtime thereby improving customer satisfaction.
  •   In-house training resources and efficient work procedures adhering to ITIL guidelines.
Our Services
  •   ORACLE
  •   IT INFRA
  •   CLOUD
  •   DCCC
Advantages of mcIntellect
  •   Industry certified professionals
  •   Partners with leading OEM's
  •   Extensive Domain Expertise
  •   Innovative and focused solutions
  •   Platform Independent support
  •   Total Cost Ownership
  •   Rapid return on Investment
  •   Service before Technology
  •   Professional Values & Culture
  •   Regional Presence