mcIntellect provides you advisory to select right technology and solutions meeting your business needs at optimal investments.

With more than 100 persons years of experience we bring to you sound IT advice to ensure mitigation of technology risks leading you to significant gains in growth and efficiency in business.

We work directly with CIO's and IT Leaders to create more effective and optimized IT strategy and plan to help them in driving process efficiencies and transform business through technology enablement.

   Services provided by mcIntellect in the IT advisory space are:

  •   Identify areas for Business Process Automation
  •   Solution advisory
  •   Program Management
  •   Performance Tuning


Post implementation Assessment & Audit services are designed to help you unlock the value of IT investment and make systems more efficient.

mcIntellect consults on the development and implementation of new systems to ensure that internal controls are established and comply with industry standards.

Services provided by mcIntellect in the Assessment & Audits are:

  •   Technology Assessment: Choice of Technologies and Alternatives
  •  Architecture Assessment: Performance, Resiliency, Scalability, Manageability
  •  Readiness Assessment: New Application Evaluation
  •  Business Process Audit
  •   Applications & ERP Audit
  •   Application Fitment Study and Analysis
Our Services
  •   ORACLE
  •   IT INFRA
  •   CLOUD
  •   DCCC
Advantages of mcIntellect
  •   Industry certified professionals
  •   Partners with leading OEM's
  •   Extensive Domain Expertise
  •   Innovative and focused solutions
  •   Platform Independent support
  •   Total Cost Ownership
  •   Rapid return on Investment
  •   Service before Technology
  •   Professional Values & Culture
  •   Regional Presence