mcIntellect supports the cloud delivered technology through numerous hardware, software and services offerings, and continued investments in research and development, helps you drive new innovations in a safe, scalable and accessible way, keeping in mind best practices in Service-Oriented-Architecture, Service Management, Virtualization, security, information on demand, application services and business process management..

   Our capabilities on cloud:

On prem to cloud migration :

  We study the application or data, evaluate costs, choose cloud flavor, plan for governance and security, prepare for migration challenges, define cloud migration strategy and execute seamlessly.

Enterprise application cloud support :

  Our Enterprise support services manage the daily activities to keep your applications “always on”, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the traditional services, we include support and development services to help you with upgrades, testing, and to create new reports or extensions to support the changing business needs.

Cloud Backup and DR solution :

  We support you by devising a disaster recovery in the cloud blueprint. We ensure that all your critical apps and data are included in your blueprint. We deliver uninterrupted service within the defined SLA’s for both primary and DR instances.

Private, public, hybrid cloud implementation and management :

  We define the scope, analyze the risk, evaluate quality issues, manage security, calculate the exact delivery schedule and implement cloud without any hassles.

   our Cloud Partners:

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean
  • Scaleway(ARM)
  • Oracle
  • Azure
Our Services
  •   ORACLE
  •   IT INFRA
  •   CLOUD
  •   DCCC
Advantages of mcIntellect
  •   Industry certified professionals
  •   Partners with leading OEM's
  •   Extensive Domain Expertise
  •   Innovative and focused solutions
  •   Platform Independent support
  •   Total Cost Ownership
  •   Rapid return on Investment
  •   Service before Technology
  •   Professional Values & Culture
  •   Regional Presence